Soft Phones

eyeBeam Configuration - How to Set Up eyeBeam

eyeBeam is a softphone from CounterPath that enables you to make VoIP phone calls on Windows. Before you learn how to configure eyeBeam you might want to consider to use Tonet's own softphone App (opens in a new tab) - a modern phone client that works straight from your browser on any platform.

eyeBeam has been discontinued by CounterPath (opens in a new tab).

SIP Registration

  • Find the IP-address of your IP Phone. Press the Menu Key in the middle of the Arrow Pad. main_menu

  • Navigate to Status and Select "Network Status"

  • Take note of the IPv4 Address displayed

  • Navigate to the IP Phones web-interface using a browser on your PC.

  • Type the IP-Address of the IP Phone in the browser's address bar.


  • Login to the IP Phones interface (Default username and password is admin / admin)


  • Navigate to Accounts - Account 1 - General Settings


  • Set the Account to Active and fill out SIP Server, SIP User ID, Authenticate ID, and Name as per the information you recieved from Support.


  • Click on Save and Apply

STUN Configuration

STUN configuration is required to avoid audio issues such as one way audio.

  • Click on Network Settings in the left hand side menu.


  • In the Nat Traversal drop-down menu select STUN

  • Click on Save and Apply

  • In the top menu select Settings - General Settings


  • Add "" in the "STUN Server" field.


  • Click on Save and Apply