VICIDial Agents

There is several steps to set up VICIDial agents and preparing them to start working a campaign.


Phones is the SIP extension needed to connect a softphone or ip phone to the VICIDial user. Create one phone per user in Admin - Phones


You will use the Phone Extension and Registration Password from this screen to connect your softphone or IP Phone. Make sure to use secure passwords!


Agents login to VICIDial with a user. Create users for your agents in Users - Add A New User.


There are various settings available for each user, some noteworthy settings are Agent Call Manual and Campaign Ranks.

Agent Call Manual need to be enabled for the user to be able to manually enter phone numbers to dial.


Campaign Ranks [ See Campaign for more information]


User Groups

Assigning a user to a User Group makes it easy to manage which Campaigns users work with. User Groups - Add a New User Group


In the User Group Detail you can adjust access to Campagins.


Agent Login

  1. Connect the agents softphone or IP Phone to the VICIDial Phone.

This is an example using Zoiper softphone connected as Phone 400:


  1. Login to the Agent Screen by browsing to http://your-vicidial-ip-address/agc/vicidial.php (opens in a new tab)


  1. Select the campagin to work on


  1. When the Agent logs in to the campagin the softphone / IP Phone will ring, answer the call and you will be put into a conference session with VICIDial.


  1. Agent is now ready to start working! Click on Dial next number to dial from campagin leads. Or (if enabled) Manual Dial to enter a number manually.