Answering Machine Detection (AMD)

Answering Machine Detection (AMD)

What is Answering Machine Detection?

AMD empowers your agents by prioritizing live-customer interactions. With this feature, our system intelligently identifies and filters out calls that connect to voicemails or answering machines, ensuring that agents spend more time speaking with actual customers.

Benefits of Using AMD:

  1. Increased Agent Efficiency: AMD boosts productivity by routing more live-customer calls to agents, thereby reducing idle time.
  2. Optimized Campaign Outcomes: By interacting more with live customers, there's a higher chance of achieving desired campaign results.
  3. Enhanced Customer Experience: Fewer misdirected calls means fewer annoyed customers who receive repeated calls that end up in their voicemail.

Considerations When Using AMD:

  1. Processing Time: One aspect to be mindful of is the additional processing time AMD adds to each call. This processing time is applicable to every call, irrespective of whether it's routed to a live customer or an answering machine.
  2. Recommendation: Given the extra processing time, we advise against activating AMD for every campaign. A strategic approach would be to configure the "Dial Timeout" setting to a range of 22-26 seconds. This ensures that agents don't encounter the typical duration when most voicemails and answering machines are set to activate.

In Conclusion:
The Answering Machine Detection (AMD) feature, while a cutting-edge addition to our platform, should be used judiciously to maximize its benefits. We're here to guide and support you in making the best decisions for your campaign strategy.

How to enable AMD on a campaign

Start by creating a campaign.

In the campaign Detail View, find the Routing Extension field and change the value to 8369.


Scroll down to AMD Type and make sure AMD is selected. Change AMD Agent Route Options to Enabled.


Scroll all the way down and click on Submit. Now scroll back down and click on AMD Agent Route Options which has turned into a link.


This brings up the Modify Settings Container field for AMD_AGENT_OPTIONS of this campaign. Copy paste the following settings:


You can tweak these settings and for example remove NOTSURE,TOOLONG to only send definitively Human detections to the Agent.


Be vary that using strict AMD settings may make calls may fall into FTC's 3% call abandonment rule.


After running some calls with AMD you can check out the AMD Log Report to see how your AMD is doing.

Navigate to Reports - Admin Utilities - AMD Log Report.

Select your time period and server and press Submit.