Auto Dial

Auto Dial

An Auto Dial Campaign requires available leads present in the call hopper.

Start by creating a list and uploading leads.

Once you got a List tied to a campaign you can verify the amount of Leads in the hopper at the bottom of the campaign page.


There are various auto dial methods available.

Dial Method
Manual - Sets Auto Dial Level to 0, agent have to manually press "Dial Next Number" to make a call from the hopper.

Ratio - Normal dialing a number of lines for Active agents

Auto Dial Level
This is where you set how many lines the system should use per active agent. zero 0 means auto dialing is off and the agents will click to dial each number. Otherwise the system will keep dialing lines equal to active agents multiplied by the dial level to arrive at how many lines this campaign on each server should allow.

If Auto Dial is set agent will continously get connected to calls as long as there are leads to be called in the hopper.

You may want to Add A Dial Status to Call, for example No Answer.