Outbound / Campaigns

VICIDial Campagins

All calls in VICIdial whether it's incoming our outgoing requires a campaign. Here we will set up a default campaign that allows agents to login to the campaign and manually enter phone numbers to dial.

Check out Inbound / Blended for incoming calls.

Campaigns - Add A New Campaign

Campaign ID: 123123
Campaign Name: my-first-campaign
Campaign Description: my first manual campaign
Active: Y
Park Music-on-Hold: default
Allow Closers: Y
Minimum Hopper Level: 5
Auto Dial Level: 0
Local Call Time: 24hours


When you press Submit you will see more details to configure.
The main parameters are:

Dial Method: MANUAL
Dial Prefix: 9 [This must match what you set in Carrier - Tonet - Dialplan Entry]
Campaign CallerID: <Number you own in Tonet>
Allow No-Hopper-Leads Logins: Y

This campaign will allow agent logins even if the hopper has no leads. In order to allow agents to manually enter phone numbers to dial the User also need to be configured with Agent Call Manual: 1 or 2 in Users - Modify. When enabled user will see this button in agent screen:


Clicking the Manual Dial presents this screen where agent can enter the number to dial: