Vicidial FAQ

"Sorry, there are no leads in the hopper for this campaign" when agent login
If this is an empty campaign but you want to allow agents to login and manually dial you need to change the "Allow No-Hopper-Leads Logins" setting for the campaign to Y.

If you have loaded leads to this campaign, make sure that there are valid leads in the hopper. Go to Campaign - Scroll all the way to the bottom and check the leads in the hopper.


"Dial timed out, contact your system administrator" or
"Call Rejected: CHANUNAVAIL"
Most likely the trunk is not configured correctly. Take a look at the Tonet Trunk help page and verify your settings. If it's still not working please contact your VICIDial Administrator.

I've added an inbound number but VICIDial doesn't recieve the calls
Note that Tonet sends calls with DNID (dialed number identifier) in E.164 format with a plus sign (+). The DID Extension field in VICIDial need to be the same.
If VICIDial does not pick up the calls make sure that it is configured to handle DNID with a plus sign.

/etc/asterisk/extensions.conf trunkinbound