Inbound / Blended

Recieve inbound calls in VICIDial / Blended incoming and outgoing campaigns

Inbound-group and campaign

Create an inbound-group, point a DID at it, and answer incoming calls.

1. Inbound - Add a New In-Group


Once you click submit you have the option to configure additional functions for this In-Group such as call-time, after-hours route and music-on-hold.

2. Inbound - Add a New DID


Once you click submit to create the DID entry and you will see more options which you should modify:


Note that Tonet sends calls with DNID (dialed number identifier) in E.164 format with a plus sign (+). The DID Extension field in VICIDial need to be the same.

Active: Y
In-Group ID: maininbound (this is the in-group that we created above)
In-Group Call Handle Method: CID
In-Group Agent Search Method: LB
In-Group Phone Code: 1

If VICIDial does not pick up the calls make sure that it is configured to handle DNID with a plus sign. /etc/asterisk/extensions.conf


3. Campaigns - Add a New Campaign (Inbound/Closer Campaign)

Campaign ID: mainin
Campaign Name: MainInboundCampaign
Active: Y
Allow Closers: Y
Hopper Level: 5
Auto Dial Level: 1
Next Agent Call: oldest call finish
Local Call Time: 24hours

Note: You only need to have one CLOSER-type inbound campaign for multiple in-groups. Inbound/Closer capable inbound campaigns must have a dial level of at least 1 and a dial method of RATIO or INBOUND_MAN.


Click on "submit" and then choose the "Detail View" link near the top to access the Campaign Detail Modification screen. In this section, adjust the "Allow Inbound and Blended" field to "Y" and the "Dial Method" to "RATIO". After adjusting, click "submit" once more. Proceed to the "Allowed Inbound Groups" area, select the "mainin" checkbox, and then finalize by clicking the "SUBMIT" button.

Keep in mind: For every new in-group you introduce, you must add it manually to the campaign's Allowed Inbound Groups list to accept calls from that specific in-group during the campaign.


4. Agent login to answer incoming calls

Agents that should answer incoming calls can now login to the inbound campaign.


Select the In-Group, also select Blended Calling if you want to make Outgoing calls from this campaign as well.


With the campaign set to a dial level of one (1), you're in auto dial mode. To start accepting inbound calls, press the RESUME button. After concluding your call, click the HANGUP CUSTOMER button, which will lead you to the Disposition screen. From there, choose a disposition to finalize the call.

Blended incoming and outgoing campaign

Once you have an incoming campaign, you can allow access to it from any of your other otgoing campaign. This allows agents to work a outgoing campaign and at the same time answer incoming calls.

Go to your outgoing Campaign Details.
Set Dial Method to INBOUND_MAN (or RATIO if autodialing)
Set Allow Inbound and Blended: Y
Press Submit

Scroll down to Allowed Inbound Groups and select the In-Group you created earlier.


When an agent logs in to the campaign they can select In-Groups to answer incoming calls from. Select an In-Group and tick BLENDED CALLING


By default agent is paused from calls, click on the button to go active.


While agent is active inbound calls will be answered.