Leads / Lists

Create a List and import Leads

Lists - Add A New List

Create a a list entry to which you will upload the leads. Select which campaign this List should belong to.


Then go to Lists - Load New Leads

From here you can import leads in the basic text pipe-delimited or tab-delimited format, a CSV file or a simple Excel spreadsheet.

The format of the Lead file is:

1. Vendor Lead Code - shows up in the Vendor ID field of the GUI
2. Source Code - internal use only for system and database administrators
3. List ID - the list number that these leads will show up under
4. Phone Code - the country code prefix - 1 for US, 44 for UK, 61 for AUS,etc
5. Phone Number - at least 7 digits long and no more than 16 digits long.
6. Title - title of the customer - Mr. Ms. Mrs, etc...
7. First Name
8. Middle Initial
9. Last Name
10. Address Line 1
11. Address Line 2
12. Address Line 3
13. City
14. State - limited to 2 characters
15. Province
16. Postal Code
17. Country
18. Gender
19. Date of Birth
20. Alternate Phone Number
21. Email Address
22. Security Phrase
24. Rank
25. Owner

You can download a sample xls with the correct headers here.


Choose the Lead file from your computer, make sure to select the approperiate options in the form. List ID should be set to the same ID you gave the list you created in the previous step, unless specified in the file itself.


Press Submit and your leads will be imported to the List.


If you check the details of you campaign you will see which lists are used by that campaign and how many leads are to be called.


When a campaign has Leads loaded, an active agent can press "DIAL NEXT NUMBER" to dial from the List (if Dial-Method is set to Manual on the campaign). See Predicitve Dialing for automatic dialing.


The information from the Lead List will be populated in the Agent interface as the call is ringing.