IP Phones

Yealink T-26P Configuration

SIP Registration

  • Find the IP-address of your IP Phone. Press the Menu Key in the middle of the Arrow Pad. main_menu

  • Under "status", as long as the phone has an active network connection it will show the phone's IP-Address.

  • Take note of the IP-Address displayed

  • Navigate to the IP Phones web-interface using a browser on your PC.

  • Type the IP-Address of the IP Phone in the browser's address bar.


  • Login to the IP Phones interface (Default username and password is admin / admin)


  • Navigate to Account, select Account 1

  • Set Line Active to Enabled and fill out Display Name, Register Name, User Name, Password and Server Host & Port as per the information you recieved from Support. Set NAT to STUN and set the Stun Server to: stun.tonet.io.


  • Click on Confirm

  • Register Status should switch to show "Registered". If it doesn't, reboot the phone by going to Settings - Upgrade - Reboot.