Verified Caller Id

Verified Caller ID's

A number that you own can be used as a Caller ID for outbound calls from a Tonet number. Before you're able to place outbound calls from Tonet with a non-Tonet phone number, you'll need to verify the phone number you want to use as your caller ID.

Verifying a Caller ID is a great way to keep using an existing number if your previous phone system is down or during the process of porting your number to Tonet. We need to be able to place a call to the number to verify it, but remember that that most carriers are able to forward your number to another number even if your phones are down.

Verification Process

Go to the Dashboard Phones tab (opens in a new tab) and click on "Add a new Caller ID".

Enter the phone number you want to verify and give it a friendly name.

Next, take note of the 6 digit code displayed. Our automated system will call the phone number you want to verify. Answer the call and enter the 6 digit code using your phones keypad.


Most carriers can forward a phone number to another number even if your phones are down. Ask your carrier to forward your well known number to a Tonet number.

After the call is completed, you will get a success notification and the verification process is complete.

Assign a Caller ID to a number

After you have a Verified Caller ID you can assign it to be used as outgoing Caller ID on any Tonet number. Click on Edit on the number you want to configure. And simply select the Caller ID you want to use from in the drop-down.