Configure Phones

Call Routing

Call Routing Goes through the Following Process. When Your Phone Number is dialled:

  1. Calendar: The Number checks if it has a Calendar currently active. i.e It is currently the 31st and you have a NYE calendar set.
    If an active Calendar is found, the Number goes to the Calendar destination.
  2. Schedule: If no Calendar is selected or currently in range, The Phone checks if it is subscribed to any weekly Schedule. If it is, it will follow the Scheduled routing, If not, Or the Schedule does not specify a destination for this hour of the week, it goes to:
  3. Default: Default is always the Default destination of a Phone if no Calendar or Schedule is Present.

To Route Calls, Head over to the Phone Configuration Page:

  • Go to the Phones tab (opens in a new tab) in your Platform.

  • Click on the Phone Number you want to Configure.

  • Click on the Configure tab at the top if Not already highlighted.

As You can see, There are many Configuration features for the Phone.

Turn ON/OFF Call Recording

Use the Toggle Button to turn call recordings on and off. Call Recordings can be viewed in the Call Logs (opens in a new tab)

Change Default Phone Destination

Click on the Default Dropdown, and choose from:

  • Call Forward: Type a Phone Number in the Field and the calls are automatically transferred to that Number.
  • Auto Attendant: Send the call to an Auto Attendant (opens in a new tab)

Choose a Schedule for the Phone

You can select a Schedule for the Phone to be Directed to various locations depending on the time of the week.
Schedules can be created here
You can Only have one Schedule per Phone Number
If no Schedule is Selected, Phone Number will go to Default.

Add Calendar Events

Unlike Schedule, You can select as Many Calendar Effects as Desired. Only Calendar events not expired will appear as selectable options.

If Two Calendar Events interfere with each other and are selected, Phone will route to the first one it sees, as it has no way to understand your intent.

You should be able to see where your phone is routing to currently in the Phones tab (opens in a new tab) , under the Current Path Header Current Path

If you don't see any Calendar or Schedule entries, You may need to Create New ones.