Purchase Number

To Purchase a New Number:

  • Head to the Phones (opens in a new tab) tab in your tonet.io platform.

  • Click on the New Phone button, located on the top right corner.

  • This new form will appear.
    Type the 3 Number Area Code and click Search.

  • A list of Phones will appear to choose from. You are able to select as many phones as needed.
    One click will select the phone and highlight in orange, another click removes the selected phone.

Make sure the emergency address points to your place of operation.

  • Once ready confirm you have enough funds to cover the transaction, then press Confirm to purchase the phone numbers.

Please note that phone numbers billing cycles once every month. If you purchase a phone on the 5th, the next billing cycle will be the 5th of next month. If you need to discard a phone number before the next billing cycle, reach out to support at support@tonet.io

  • Wait for processing, the page will refresh, displaying your newly Purchased Numbers.

Congratulations, you are the proud owner of a new phone number or numbers.

You can also Port a Number you own from any other carrier in a few simple steps.