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Sign Up

Our Sign Up process is super easy, you don't need to "Speak to sales"

1: Verify your Phone Number

  • You should receive an SMS immediately from one of our numbers.

Meanwhile, the phone field is replaced by the Auth Code Field. Input your code here:

You are only allowed a few attempts and 5 minutes before you have to request a new code.

2: Input your Information

  • Your Account has been started. Please Finalize it below:

The Required fields have an asterisk next to them.

Password Needs to be at least 8 characters long.

  • Click Create Account.

3: Add a Credit/Debit Card

i. Add Card

Congratulations, your account has been finalized, and you have been redirected to Our Billing Page. (opens in a new tab).
However, your account is quite limited, you will be unable to purchase a phone number or create a user as those are pre-charged.

To add a card to your account:

  • Locate this box:

This is our main Billing Box, where you can:

  • View Cards Added

  • Add a New Card

  • Top up

  • Set up Auto Recharge

  • We will click on Add a new card, a pop up window will appear as follows:

  • Input all the neccessary fields, using VISA, MASTERCARD, DISCOVER, AMEX, and a few other options are supported.

Alternatively, you can use Google Pay.

  • Click save. If successful, the window will close and the billing page will refresh.

ii. Top Up

  • Click on Top up, $25 is suggested, but you can go as low as $10.

The page should refresh, and you should see the balance reflect immediately, if not. Make sure to refresh the page once.


We are so excited to have you use our system, and we hope you like it as much as we do.

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